Using the AoT Compiler

To Internationalize with the AoT (Ahead of time) compiler, you will have to:

  • pre-build a seperate application package for each language

  • determine which language the user needs

  • serve the appropriate application package

To pre-build a seperate application, you will have to ensure that you have the tools required to setup AoT. Refer to the AoT cookbook for details on how to do this.

Once your ready, use the ngc compile command providing the compiler with the following 3 options:

  • --i18nFile: the path to the translation file

  • --locale: the name of the locale

  • --i18nFormat: the format of the localization file

For example, the French language command would look something like this:

./node_modules/.bin/ngc --i18nFile=./locale/ --locale=fr --i18nFormat=xlf